Tourcom Presented at the Premier Blockchain Meet-up

On October 17, 2019, Tourcom presented at the invitation-only blockchain meet up hosted by Korean Angel Club, PESS Foundation, and The Nine Company.

Five premier blockchain companies listed on the BW Exchange were specially selected to present their promising projects for the purpose of exposure and for obtaining investment funds from major investor groups. The five companies were Tourcom, 9Coin, Payexpress, Marecoin, and O2&B.

The Global CEO of BW Exchange, Cathy Zhu, broke the ice by presenting their vision in the global market.

Tourcom Blockchain CEO, Cho Young Doo, presented the company’s overall business strategy/structure, its vision, and the newly released video.

There is a lot to look forward to with Tourcom!!


ABOUT the company:

Tourcom is a well-grounded company established in 2007 with an unprecedented concept of Travel-now-pay-later that records 20 million dollars in yearly sales. In early 2019, Tourcom Blockchain was established to expand its existing services by leveraging blockchain technology. Utilizing company’s wealth of experience, global network, and vast amount of database, the company is creating an innovative blockchain and AI-based travel platform for independent travelers to enrich their travel experience by helping them easily find compatible travel companions, local guides, and customized schedules that reflect travelers’ interests. With over 1400+ affiliated sales people and 130,000 existing members, Tourcom blockchain ecosystem is expected to take off with ease. Its global DApp is expected to be launched in early part of 2020.

Following partnerships with the Senior Financial Education Council and Ziktalk and after joining the Luniverse platform, TCO (Tourcom tokens) was listed on the BW Exchange. Later this year, the beta version of Tourcom Blockchain global dApp is expected to be launched and the official dApp expected at the beginning of next year 2020.